KSSA Premier League

An online league exclusively for current KSSA Members. Phase 1 will conclude on Monday May 25th, 2020. Phase 2 will start immediately thereafter.

There are 4 Divisions in this league to accommodate the clubs diverse skill range – Premier for our World Championship level players, Challenger A for elite national level players, Challenger B for aspiring national level players and Challenger C for newer players. Several games are streamed via Google Meet with expert commentary.

There is a Scrabble Championship being played somewhere in the world almost every week. The links below will take you to the WESPA and Scrabble Association of India websites. They are the bodies that govern Scrabble Championships at the World and India levels respectively.

WESPA Tournaments

WESPA Youth Cup 2019

WESPA Youth Cup 2019 (India Participation)

Events in India

KSSA Completed Events

Inter-School Scrabble Tournament 2019

MuSigma All India Open Tournament2019