About KSSA Scrabble

The Karnataka State Scrabble Association (KSSA) started back in 1998 as the Bangalore Scrabble Club (BSC). Spearheaded by Rex and Lennie D’Souza, the Bangalore Scrabble Club quickly became a catalyst for enthusiastic Scrabble players to excel at tournament play. BSC soon expanded its scope to include all of Karnataka and become the KSSA.

The KSSA is affiliated with the Scrabble Association of India (SAI) and the World English Scrabble Players Association (WESPA).

The KSSA typically organizes 1 Global and 1 National event each year. There are also informal 1-day tournaments happening every month in different parts of the city. The informal tournaments are a great place to nurture talent and to help them elevate their game.

To join KSSA

  1. Transfer KSSA membership fee of Rs 1000 to the KSSA Account Number : 50100265175859 IFSC Code: HDFC0000133
  2. Complete and submit this form, including your payment details.

Press Room

Its Only Words – Deccan Herald

Battle it Out With Words

Scrabble Legend Nigel Richards

Hongkong Champion

Chennai’s Scrabble Champs

Chennai Champion

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